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The Estonian Society of Laser Medicine is a friend and partner of the European Society of Laser Medicine ESLD

Updated: Jan 28

ESLD or European Society for Lasers and Energy Based Devices is dedicated to medical procedures performed with laser and other energy based devices.

ESLD is providing an interactive communication platform for the medical community. Its active involvement in over 15 national and international conferences provides members and industry alike with a unique opportunity to interact, exchange, and promote laser and energy based device medicine.

Members of ESLD are international Dermatologists of good standing interested and practicing these treatments.

The goal of ESLD is to teach excellence in standards of techniques to its members by all possible means:

  1. The annual meeting is organised on the sub-specialties’ days, Wednesday before EADV starts. Every year this meeting brings more and more enthusiasm, as last year over 150 people attended. The quality of the program and the large panel of international high quality speakers is always a priority. This allows us to bring the most accurate and up to date information in each specific field.

  2. ESLD Website. This brand new means of communication and information is still under construction but will play a major role in the future. The pages open to the public will allow people to choose within their country or area, a laser specialist, who is a member of ESLD. The site will also provide information about new technologies and important meetings in the future. Useful links to other related sites will be proposed. The part dedicated to “Members only” will not only provide the membership list to encourage contact and collaboration between ESLD members but will also show a quarterly News Letter as well as Guidelines for treatment (see No 4). The members pages will also be a place where members can exchange ideas, pictures etc. It can also be a place where help can be found from other experienced members to resolve difficult cases.

  3. Guidelines are another key point in teaching a good standard to ESLD members. Each specialty of the different techniques will soon be available on the website, in the “Members only” section.

  4. Teaching courses are an exclusive way to offer in-depth live teaching. An annual program for ESLD educational plan and teaching courses is available in the events page.

Become a member:

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