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Hello dear laser friends,

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The Estonian Society for Laser Medicine (Eesti Laserravi Selts or ELaS) is a non-profit organization that brings together experts in the field of laser medicine in Estonia.

Founded in 2020, the Society is a forum for the exchange of experience and knowledge in the field of laser medicine, with the aim of developing and promoting laser medical technologies in Estonia.


Our society brings together doctors, scientists, specialists and enthusiasts interested in the progress of laser medicine and its impact on the quality of life of patients. We are dedicated to advancing research, sharing knowledge and improving practical skills in the field of laser medicine. Our goal is to improve the availability and quality of patient care using advanced laser technology.

We organize conferences, seminars and training programs to bring together experts and share the latest advances and experiences in laser medicine.

We are committed to supporting research and development in this area, actively cooperating with other national and international organizations to establish close ties and exchange knowledge and experience. Our society keeps our members connected and creates a platform for information sharing and collaborations.

We are committed to the development of laser medicine in Estonia and the introduction of advanced technologies in various fields of medicine, including dermatology, surgery, dentistry, aesthetic medicine and other specializations.

We promote the efficacy, safety and ethical use of laser techniques and promote regulation and standardization in this area.

We create and distribute information materials and guidelines to raise patient awareness of the possibilities of laser medicine and help them make informed choices.

If you are a specialist in laser medicine or just interested in this field, join us! At ELaS you will find the opportunity to expand your knowledge, establish contacts with colleagues and keep up to date with the latest trends. Welcome to ELaS!



Dr. Alexander Uskov,
ELAS President

January 2020

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